Inscribed Handle names are forever

An Inscribed Handle (ih) is a name that has been forever etched into the Bitcoin Blockchain. Examples of handles are @zoe, @42, @bob, @bmw etc.


identity that you own

current handles on web2 companies are owned by the companies themselves. They choose what you can and can’t do with your handle. Inscribed Handles however belong to you completely and you can do with them as you wish.

rare names

A lot of the rarest names still haven’t been inscribed on the bitcoin blockchain. There are still low digit numbers and common names available to own. If you act fast you could own one of the rarest handles.

built in scarcity

There are infinite domain extensions such as .pepe, .coin, .sats etc. However handles have more rarity since once someone takes a handle like @100 extra domains can’t be created to claim that handle again.

great utility

Inscribed Handles can be used for a new communication standard on Bitcoin. You will be able to use your handle to send messages in a decentralized way, use it as your btc address, log into apps and much more.

first domains, now handles

The ordinals protocol has made so many amazing things now possible on Bitcoin. A great new innovation that recently took place is .sats domain. People started registering domain names on Bitcoin and it’s really starting to take off.

Now new domain extensions have started to be created and this has left people wondering how the increased supply of domains could affect things. A good thing about handles is they can’t necessarily be extended like domains can so they are more scarce.

Handles will also be used as the basis for a new communication and social media system on Bitcoin.

inscribe a handle now

different inscribed handles

common names like Adam will be some of the rarest handles to own. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these you’ll be doing great.
common names
low digit numbers are heavily sought after since there’s so few of them, but the limited amount of them ensures they’ll be scooped up fast.
low numbers
Are you a well known company? Securing your ih could be a good way for you to secure you future on this new decentralized standard.
Sick of moms spaghetti yet? Well now there’s something better, if you’re a famous person get your inscribed handle now.
for the famous

Jour our discord

Some of the most important announcements for Inscribed Handles will happen on discord


An Inscribed Handle (ih) is basically like the blockchain version of a username.

Right now there isn’t a specific word for handles on the bitcoin blockchain. We need to establish a good nomenclature while things are early. It’s also called this because the ordinal protocol uses the name inscription for things that are created and stored on the blockchain. Inscribed Handle (ih) is a name that just fits.

right now the inscribed handle standard only recognizes: letters (English alphabet only), numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_), there is also a 20 character limit for handle length (@ sign doesn’t count towards the 20 character limit).

The first inscription with a handle is the only valid one, if the same handle is inscribed again it won’t count only the first one does. Also capitalization doesn’t matter for your handle so it can be in uppercase or lowercase. If someone already inscribed @jacky you can’t then inscribe @JACKY because it’s already been taken, even though it’s in another capitalization.

And all handles start with the @ sign, however @ is only allowed at the beginning of the handle and can’t be placed anywhere else in the handle. And your name can only be after the @ sign nothing can be Infront of it. An example of a handle would be @sean

You can inscribe on the inscription service and choose “handles” from the menu. Then simply enter the exact text of the inscribed handle to create and inscribe it. Looks ordinal also has a “clear unavailable” option so you can remove handles you entered that have already been taken. Also we’re not using JSON so if you wanted the the handle @jacky you inscribe just that text of @jacky

To check if a name is taken you should first conduct a search. you can search using the search function trac specifically made for handles to see if something is already taken.

current handles on web2 companies like twitter, facebook, instagram etc. are owned by the companies themselves. They can take the handle away from you at any time if they wish and often they don’t allow you to sell your handle. Inscribed Handles however belong to you completely and you can do with them as you wish.

Different handles probably have different value depending on the person. But rarity is one thing a lot of people care about and there are a variety of rare handle types such as low digit numbers, common names, countries, popular fictional characters, etc.

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